We Interpret!!! That’s what we do at Accredited Language Services: we offer top-of-the-line interpreting services in more than 150 languages and dialects.

Consecutive Interpreting

The most common form of interpreting is consecutive interpreting. It’s “consecutive” because it follows an  I-go/you-go pattern: Person A says something; it’s translated to Person B: Person B says something; it’s translated back to Person A, and so on.

Consecutive interpreting is geared toward one-on-one situations: interviews, parent-teacher conferences, individual consultations, etc.

Since it allows the interpreter to ask either of the participants for clarification if necessary, consecutive interpreting is ideal for legal and medical situations.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Perhaps what comes to mind when you think of interpreting is the UN: people intently listening to a foreign speaker while wearing headsets.

This is called UN style or simultaneous interpreting, the type of interpreting most commonly used in conferences, diplomatic proceedings or sometimes in legal settings such as trials.

Whatever the venue, it entails specialized equipment which allows the interpreter to listen to the person talking or making a presentation in one language and then – at the same time – speaking into a microphone in another language.

Interpreting Services

At ALS, we not only have an expert staff of interpreters, chosen both for their linguistic skills as well as their specialized knowledge in areas such as medicine, law and business, but also offer the necessary equipment (including booths, receivers, and transmitters) and the technicians to setup and maintain the interpreting equipment on site.

ALS also offers phone interpreting (consecutive interpreting by phone), which can be easily set up by appointment, saves money and allows professional interpreting service at remote locations.

Moreover, through our international affiliates, we also provide interpreting service in most locations around the world, and ALS has been designated as the official interpreting and translation service for a number of national governments.

ALS routinely provides interpreters for US federal proceedings, prestigious international conferences, televised interviews and visiting dignitaries.

As life becomes increasingly global, the demand for—and dimensions of–interpreting service will increase correspondingly. But whatever your interpreting need, today or tomorrow, ALS is there to fulfill it.

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